About Us

About Us

We are for water We are for you.

Water is the element of life. It is very important that everyone has access to potable water. Water has been important for people for thousands of years. Without water there would be no life on earth.That water we want very tasty and healthy means using Purifiers and etc.,We are satisfying your thoughts providing water treatments plants,Water Purfiers and Accessories etc. Right Water Technologies was established in year of 2012. We are well known RO water purifier dealers, distributors and supplier in and around India. We sell water purifier spares and also provide best of our service for water purifiers.Some of our Services below

  1. 1) Commercial and Industrial RO Plants.
  2. 2) Media Filters,UV Filters,Ozonation System.
  3. 3) Water Treatment Plants as per requirements.
  4. 4) Water Softening Plant.
  5. 5) DM & Mix Bed Unit
  6. 6) Sales,Service and Components.
  7. 7) Mineral Water Plant(ISI).
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Right Water Technologies: The House of Water Purifiers!!!

So if you were looking for the perfect Commercial and Domestic Water Purifiers, the time is now. Call us at +(91)-9942747000